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How I Discovered Homeopathy

Feb 01, 2020

Like any mother, with my first baby, I watched each milestone come and go, and when my oldest child, Morgan, crawled late, walked late, and talked late, I thought it was really no big deal that he was also late to potty train.  We figured he would potty train when he was ready, so we never pressured him.  

When he was an infant, we did do Elimination Communication (aka Infant Potty Training) with him until one day when he was about 7 months old and he would not go anywhere NEAR that little red potty anymore, whereas previously he was using the potty like a pro (with our help, of course!).

I noticed throughout his toddlerhood that he had a tendency to not have a bowel movement while at daycare, and this would cause him to occasionally go a couple of days between bowel movements.  No big deal, he was healthy still.  I lost track of his exact pattern of having a bowel movement until one day, about three weeks after his little brother was born, and he was in excruciating pain.  

I realized that he had not pooped in, well, about three weeks!  He was screaming and crying in pain and we had to use a glycerin suppository to help him go. Oh, and at this point he was nearly 4 years old and STILL in diapers! He would not go anywhere near a potty.

At that point, he had regressed into full blown Encopresis - which is a fancy word for saying “bowel withholding” or “holding your poop in!”. It’s not entirely known whether  the child is resisting the bowel movement so much that they hold their bowels out of sheer force, or if the bowels somehow “forget” how to release and let go.  

We don’t really know WHY it happens, either. In Morgan's case, it seems clear that this had been happening for some time (since the potty incident at 7 months old?), but that his brother’s birth had exacerbated it, or at least brought it to our attention.

All I really know is the next 12 months was pure hell. Weekly battles trying to get Morgan to go to the bathroom. Bribing. Yelling. Trying every supplement known to man: vitamin C, magnesium, fish oil, even Miralax! Prune juice, coconut, fiber snacks, you name it, we tried it. Most of it, he wouldn’t even take, and the things he did take never helped!

I joined mommy group upon mommy group on Facebook.  I even bought the manual on Encopresis which teaches you how to use “bottom up” methods to re-teach your child how to release his bowels.  We tried giving our son, who was 4 years old at this point, suppositories and enemas and at first we were successful.  However, they became a HUGE fight, and what’s more, the enemas left him in a shaky, feverish state that just felt wrong.  

Throughout this journey, occasionally someone would mention homeopathy to me.  All I knew of homeopathy is that you could buy homeopathics in the little blue vials at the natural food store, but that it had never worked for me.  Granted, I had only tried it for cradle cap for my son, and as it turns out, I wasn’t properly trained on how to give the remedies (which is why I am so passionate about teaching people how to use homeopathy!) After the 3rd person finally mentioned that homeopathy is what cured their child of this condition (or chronic constipation, a similar yet different issue), I gave in and decided to find a homeopath.

The initial consult with the homeopath consisted of a 5 page questionnaire that I filled out and returned to her before our appointment.  Then, we talked for 2-3 hours.  We discussed everything from my pregnancy with him to his birth and infancy and toddlerhood.  We talked about what he liked and didn’t like, whether he sweat or not, his sleeping habits, and so much more.

After a couple of days, the homeopath got back to me with a recommendation for a remedy to give him.  I went to the store, bought her recommendation of Sulphur 30C, and gave him 1 dose as she prescribed.  (NOTE:  DO NOT try to treat your child for Encopresis with Sulphur 30C just because you read it here.  You need to work with a homeopath for any chronic issue like this!).  

What happened next was truly profound.  Within 24 hours, Morgan’s speech improved drastically.  It was nothing short of miraculous.  His vocabulary quadrupled - at least - over night!  His preschool teachers were commenting on it when we picked him up from preschool the next day.  Everybody noticed it.

What's more, within 3 days, Morgan stopped holding his bowels.  Just. Like. THAT.  

Over the next several months we still had our struggles.  Because he had been holding for so long, his colon was going to take some time to regain motility and normal function.  We continued to work with the homeopath, monitoring his progress.  He continued to make weekly improvements in speech and behavior as well as with his bowels.

Four months later, he spontaneously potty trained.  You can imagine the relief we had when one day he woke up and said “I guess I’ll wear undies!” and never looked back!  He never had any accidents, even at night.  To me, this demonstrates what I already knew that his lack of potty training was all in his head!  Homeopathy was able to impact his mental and emotional state and allow him to release whatever was holding him back so that he could finally potty train.

Ever since that profound experience with homeopathy I have been studying non-stop.  I took some classes on acute care, started practicing on my family and any willing friends, and I enrolled in a Homeopathy Practitioner Training Program. 

I graduated from that program in 2019, and now I work with families all over the world for homeopathic consultations and health coaching as well as teaching people how to use homeopathic medicine for acutes and first aid.

I am incredibly passionate about teaching other moms how to use homeopathy to treat their families safely and effectively.  I treat my family using homeopathy and as a result we have saved tons of money on doctor visits and over the counter medications AND I know that when my kids are sick (which, honestly, is rarely) they are going to come out of that illness with a stronger immune system than they had before.  

It is my goal that every mother who WANTS to treat their families naturally have the tools and knowledge to do so.

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