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Hi! I'm Jenna!

I'm a mom of 4 kids, wife, athlete, holistic health nerd, and Certified Classical Homeopath.

For as long as I can recall I've been interested in health from a holistic point of view. I've always known that there is more to health than prescription drugs. After college, I opened a CrossFit Affiliate gym, and I really loved helping people with their nutrition and fitness.

When I had kids, I really dove deep into holistic health modalities and I eventually landed on homeopathy. What I found was a healing modality that truly empowered me as a mother, to take control of my family's health.


How I Got Here

I was first introduced to Homeopathy when my son was an infant, but I wasn't given proper guidance and it didn't seem to do anything for him. This is why I am now SO adamant about people learning to use homeopathy properly!

I was re-introduced to homeopathy in 2015 when I worked with a professional homeopath. The remedy she suggested helped my son tremendously with chronic constipation, speech delays, and behavioral problems.

After that experience with Homeopathy, I dove into learning as much as I could. I went on to study at an accredited Homeopathy school and I now practice as a professional Homeopath.

Since the beginning of my journey, I've helped hundreds of people learn how to use homeopathy for their families by working with them 1-on-1 and through my online courses and Facebook group.

I no longer live in fear of fevers, coughs, or other acutes of first aid situations. If you want to break the cycle of using suppressive treatments out of fear, then I invite you to come learn with me!

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Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that originated out of Germany over 200 years ago. It is based on the age-old principle of "like cures like".

Thanks to homeopathy, I have helped so many people - from children with asthma or bedwetting, to people with autoimmune disorders, ailments from trauma or grief, lasting effects from acute illnesses, and so much more.

If you are looking for true healing experience, where you can get to the root of your dis-ease and stop utilizing the band-aid approach to health, then click the button below to schedule a call with me.

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