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Homeopathy for Injuries & First Aid

Feb 03, 2020

When treating acute illnesses (colds, coughs, flu, etc) it’s best to give one remedy at a time - the one remedy that fits the disease picture aka the simillimum, as we call it in homeopathy.  However, in times of accident or injury, oftentimes more than one remedy is needed, and it can be difficult to remember which remedy to take when, particularly if the patient is new to homeopathy!

For this reason, many homeopaths have begun experimenting with custom-made blends that are easy to make up and even easier for the injured person to take.

How to:

  1. Use a small bottle that you can fill ⅔ with water.  (I like to use these little 8oz Arrowhead water bottles I find at Target**)
  2. Determine which remedies you need to use.
  3. Add 1-5 pellets of each remedy (depending on the size of the pellet) to the water bottles and let dissolve.
  4. Take 1 sip as a dose.  
  5. Repeat as needed - every 30 minutes - 2 hours as a general guideline but you only want to repeat as healing stalls and symptoms (e.g. pain) returns.  Between doses, make sure to shake/bash the bottle 5-10 times which slightly raises the potency of the remedy.

Sometimes you may follow a protocol, such as in the case of pre and post-surgery.  If you are scheduled for surgery or dentistry and unsure what to do join my Facebook group and ask us there!

**Glass water bottles would be better but it needs to be boiled for sterilization between uses, and in a house with 4 children, I found my glass bottles were sitting out for a long time and I never had any clean ones when I needed them!)

The following homeopathic remedies are useful to add for the following indications. Add as many as apply in the case of injury or surgery.  (Note that these remedies have many other indications, but these are the ones that apply in the case of injury or surgery)


Aconite - fright, injury to the eye

Apis - swelling from insect bites or chemical agents; allergic reactions

Arsenicum - burns that feel better for warmth applications

Arnica - (I nearly always add this one!), trauma, bruising, shock, bleeding, head injury

Belladonna - throbbing wound that is hot and red

Bellis Perennis - surgery to abdomen, c-section, tennis elbow or deep muscle soreness

Bryonia - worse for slightest motion, give for suspected fracture or broken rib

Calendula* - wounds, cuts, abrasions.  

Cantharis - burns, scalds, sunburns

Hepar Sulph - infected wound with pus, very painful, hypothermia.

Hypericum - injury to nerve rich areas (hands, feet, tailbone), shooting pains, dog bites

Ignatia - emotional shock

Kali bich - deep burns, painless but slow to heal

Ledum - puncture wounds esp to toe/fingernails or soles of feet, insect/dog/tick bites, black eye

Nat Sulph - lasting effects of head injury when Arnica is not enough

Phosphorous - bleeding, nosebleeds, give after electric shock or lightning strike or anesthesia

Pyrogen - blood poisoning (give and go to ER)

Ruta - injury to tendon or ligament or bone surface such as shin, head

Rhus Tox - sprained or strained muscles, better for continued motion

Silica - splinters

Staphisagria - assault or rape, emotional violation, surgery to abdomen

Symphytum - broken bones (give only when bones are set)

(use 30C or 200C potency, depending on severity of injury)

*in the case of abrasions or cuts, make a water remedy with just calendula and use it to rinse out the wound.  You can also make up a spray bottle with calendula and spray the wound several times/day when you change the dressing.

You may start with one blend then make up a new one after a period of time (a day or two) as the symptoms have changed. An example would be a twisted ankle.  I would first give arnica alone to prevent swelling. If, the next day, the swelling was mostly gone but now there was some ligament pain, I would add Ruta to the mix. If the ankle was sore upon initial motion but felt better for continued motion, I would also add Rhus Tox.  

As an example of creating a custom-made injury mix, let me tell you about a recent mountain biking crash of mine.  Long story short, I crashed my bike and I had a mixture of abrasions, lacerations, and blunt force trauma which led to ligament and tendon pain.  I immediately took Arnica.  Then, I took a shower to clean the wound and rinsed the wound with Calendula.  Then, I made a mix of Arnica, Calendula, and Hypericum and sipped on that.  I added Bryonia when I realized I was worse for any movement.  The next day I sipped on that mix and added Belladonna because my knee was very hot and red and pulsating.  The following day, I made a new mixture of Arnica, Ruta, Rhus Rox, and Calendula and sipped on that for the next couple of days.  By then I was nearly 100% healed, except for the laceration which probably could have used stitches.  For that, I continued to use Hypercal cream (a mix of hypericum and calendula...straight calendula cream would have been fine, too) and kept it covered.

As you are learning it can be a challenge to find the right mix.  If you need any help creating a custom injury or surgery mix you may schedule an acute consult and I am happy to help!

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